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Reading Time: < 1 minuteYears ago I heard a sermon about the dangers of pornography. This was back before people had smartphones. The speaker recommended keeping computers in a high-traffic area of the house. He told us to always keep the screen facing out toward the room. In this way, whoever was using the computer would know that someone could walk past at any time and see what was going on.What a good idea that was! Ugly things like pornography thrive in secrecy. I'm reminded of a passage in the bible: "...let us therefore cast off the works of darkness, and let us put on the armour of light" (Romans 13:12).Light reveals things that are hidden, just like keeping the screen facing the room reveals what is being viewed. I love how this bible passage says "armour of light", suggesting that light itself will help protect us. The simple act of making our actions visible to another person is a protection for us against temptation!This is the idea that inspired me to create Ever Accountable. It's purpose is not to block you or to tell you what you should be doing. Its purpose is to make your actions visible to another person, to give you the armor of light.-Tyler Patterson, Founder and President of Ever AccountableP.S. I quoted the bible here, but I would also happily quote the Quran, the Torah, or wise words from any source that encourage people to live good, honest and happy lives. I want everybody's help fighting porn regardless of which religion you do or don't belong to.