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Find Relief From the Torment

You're exhausted from this struggle and ready to live a better quality of life. Our top-rated accountability app can help you quit porn for good.

Try it risk-free, for 14 days.

Get Back to Thriving

Live a better life

The temptation to look at porn fades away when you are held accountable to another person

Build Back Trust

Your reports make it 100% clear to your partner what you've been looking at online

No More Shame

Sharing your journey with a trusted friend is connecting, helpful, and necessary to shedding secrets and shame

"My husband's secret came out at the worst possible time, and I wasn't sure we would make it through because of how impossible it was for me to fully trust him. How could I trust him without proof? Ever Accountable became my proof."

--"The Wife"


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  • One user
  • Unlimited devices
  • Automatically flags pornographic content
  • Up to the minute reporting
  • Text & email alerts



All individual plan features plus

  • Unlimited users for all in the household
  • Adult and child accounts
  • Unique accountability partners for each user

All of our plans start with a 14-day free trial.

No credit card required. Absolutely risk-free.


How it Works

Ever Accountable gives you freedom to browse as usual, letting you be accountable for your choices while reporting your activity to a trusted friend.

Our app is secure and lightweight; it won't drain your battery

All of your apps will be monitored, even in those pesky incognito or private modes. For more information about compatibility see our Device page.

Experience the relief that comes with accountability

Start your free trial risk-free, right now.