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Project Manager/Product Tester

We're looking for an ultra-detail-oriented addition to our team.

You will stay on top of of new and ongoing projects. You will follow up with people and projects, identify when someone is stuck or a project is stalled, and help resolve issues so things get done on time. You will also assist the engineering team by methodically testing the things they create as if you were our customer. You’ll identify bugs and problems, assign them to the right person, and validate that they are properly fixed. You will do such a great job that you will become a leader in this growing company.

This position will initially be on a contract basis at $17 - $20/hour (negotiable depending upon experience). Our ultimate goal is to bring the right person onto our team as a salaried, full-time employee.

About Ever Accountable

We help people overcome pornography with accountability software.

KPIs—This is how we will measure your performance

  • Our company is completing projects quickly
  • Our releases are high quality, which means that our customers rarely encounter bugs or confusing problems


  • Collaborate closely with the President and department heads to identify & align on the projects, clearly understanding the following:
    • The separate pieces of each project that must be completed
    • Who is/will be responsible for each piece
    • How those pieces depend upon each other
  • Help prioritize projects based on the company’s mission, objectives, & resources
  • Communicate daily with team members via Skype, email, Trello
  • Set project expectations, timelines and milestones with team members, then hold them accountable to those expectations
  • Develop mechanisms for monitoring project progress and for intervention and problem solving
    • Know when something is behind
    • Ask questions to find out where the problem is
    • Ask the person or people who are stuck for suggestions
    • When necessary, escalate issues in a timely fashion to the President
    • Look ahead a little bit, both to anticipate issues and plan for future projects
  • Uphold high company standards and best practices
  • Assist with quality assurance testing, to validate that our end results don't have problems (no experience is required, as long as you are willing to learn and apply yourself!)

Key Attributes

  • Deadline driven, meticulously organized
  • Strong attention to detail and focus
  • Able to handle multiple projects with ease and tact
  • Able to work with multi-cultural team over many timezones
  • Solution-oriented
  • Skilled at establishing and maintaining interpersonal relationships
  • Effective communicator who is firm and persistent, yet kind

Basic Qualifications

  • 2+ years project management experience (preferred)
  • Must have reliable computer and internet access
  • You disagree with pornography because it damages us as human beings

Your First Assignment

Once hired for your evaluation period, you will be introduced to the engineering team and learn each person’s roles. Then you’ll test Ever Accountable on your personal computer and phone as if you are an Ever Accountable customer. You will use and learn the app, looking for things that are confusing or broken. You’ll document problems you find. You’ll use your judgement to prioritize them, and make assignments for who will fix them. You’ll contact those people to give them deadlines, then follow up to ensure they are done on time.

To Apply

Send your resume and cover letter to, explaining your interest, related qualifications, and why you believe in our cause.

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