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When Accessibility has been Disabled in Mozilla Firefox

Have you received a notification in your report that says “Accessibility service in Firefox has been disabled”? If so, it is because Ever Accountable has been unable to share online activity within Firefox, therefore making it impossible for a person to remain accountable while using it.

If this happened, it’s because Firefox gives users an option to turn off accessibility to Ever Accountable. Perhaps this was done intentionally, perhaps not. The option can be found in the Firefox menu > Options > Privacy & Security > Permissions. From there, you can check or uncheck the option to “prevent accessibility services.”

If you are an accountability partner and you get this notification in your report, take the opportunity to talk to your friend and ask them if they need any extra support right now. Ask them to go through the steps above to check it back on and follow through to make sure it happens.

As long as they have accessibility turned off in Mozilla Firefox, they will not be held accountable while using that browser.

Again, here are the steps for users to turn accessibility in Firefox back on:

Firefox Menu > Options > Privacy & Security > Permissions > Uncheck “prevent accessibility services”

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