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We have been doing an ongoing survey of our customers to see if being accountable is really of helping them stay away from pornography. Here are the questions we asked:

1. Has it been any easier to stay away from pornography, since using Ever Accountable?
2. What has been the impact on your personal life?
3. What has been the impact on your relationships?

We have plenty of responses now (and the positive responses have been awesome to see!) Ever Accountable is helping people stay away from pornography, it is building self respect, and it is improving relationships.

Whether people just signed up, or have been with us for many months, the responses were similar. We asked for permission to share our favorite comments publicly, and many people gave it. Some people said that we could use just their first names, and some preferred to keep it completely anonymous. Either way, we hope you’re encouraged to stay the course!

group of guys raising hands to the sunset facing porn addiction

“To answer your questions, I find that staying away from all things including pornography, has been a lot easier. I no longer look at ANY inappropriate images and videos. This has proven to be a huge positive impact on my life and relationships with others. I now am a more social person and someone who does more activities with others.
Ever Accountable has, in short, changed my entire life for the better. There is no program like it and I would give a glowing recommendation to anyone who asks me about it.
Thanks from the bottom of my heart, “
– David

“It has been easier to to stay away from pornography. It has made a huge impact on me and in my life. Thank you!”
– Anthony

“1.  It had been a real blessing in my life to have Ever accountable on my electronics.  I have been sober for nearly three years, but sometimes I’m still tempted to take a look.  Ever accountable makes me stop and think about my choices and the consequences.
2.  The impact has been that I am sober and free.  It also has set a standard for my family members to use Android devices and have the app installed.  I am free.
3.  The relationship with my spouse continues to get better.  Maybe someday in the future I will regain her trust, but I understand that it all takes time.

Keep up the good work in fighting for virtue.”
– Chad

“Thank you so much for offering an app like Ever Accountable! It has been such a tremendous help in my spiritual life, and overcoming porn. Yes you are doing an excellent job and I am impressed. I’m not married but it does definitely affect my relationship with God, in a very positive way.”

– Asked to remain anonymous

“This is a wonderful app and the best of it’s kind on the market. I’ve recommended it to many people.
Another nice feature of this app is that  I’m able to monitor how long my sons are playing video games.”
– Daniel

“It has been easier – I’ve always told my wife when I have a relapse, but somehow knowing that she’ll know what things I search for has helped me stay away from it.
My personal life has improved because I was able to know how much time I wasted on other things – for example, I recently downloaded Clash of Clans and was playing it non-stop. I did 25 hours my first week, and I know that thanks to your app. I eventually deleted clash of clans and decided to quit playing video games altogether – not worth my time!
It has improved my relationship with my wife for obvious reasons – I stay away from pornography and I waste less time on my phone.”
– Scott

Couple hiking benefit of accountability - rebuild trust

“Ever Accountable has removed a lot of stress/temptation from my life and has allowed me to focus more on my relationship with God. It has allowed some of the damage that pornography has caused to be slowly mended over time. 

In terms of relationships, the program allowed me to start a dialogue with friends regarding my struggle. As a result, these same friends have opened up regarding their own struggles.
Thank you for this wonderful program and taking interest in how it is benefiting its users.”
– Evan

“Yes. Simply, yes. It is the most secure program I’ve tried. Eliminates the possibility of getting around it, as my wicked heart has done in the past. Brings relief over time. Not having it on my mind as much because I know porn isn’t an option.
Thank you.”
– Joshua


“Your program has helped save my marriage. It has been highly effective to keep me away from pornography. My wife is grateful as it allows me to use my phone, tablet and computer without worrying that I found some backdoor way to look at porn. My family and I want to thank you for your great product!”
– Asked to remain anonymous

“I would say it had been 100 times easier to stay away from pornographic Web sites.
My relationship with my wife has grown so much since taking the step to let her know my struggles and to put up safe guards like Ever Accountable.

The shame I once felt is gone and through a community of amazing godly friends and my wife I have been able to allow God to heal me up! “
– Jason

“To answer your question, yes, it has been easier to stay away from pornography since using Ever Accountable. The power of exposure of my internet usage has been life changing as I no longer fear being online. 

The freedom to still use the internet and choose what I look at under the safety of accountability has been empowering. 

I am now free from temptations to look at pornography and am so much more clear minded to do God’s will over my own. 

My relationships have also benefited as I no longer have to hide in shame over what I’ve looked at under the cover of night or seclusion. I am truly free to live as God intended me, and I look forward to the year to come as my life continues to improve.

Thank you for creating such an easy to use an non-invasive service that really does make a difference in our culture and in the lives of those who use it!”
– Matt

“1. Yes.
2. It’s helped streamline my recovery process by removing what was my main tripping point/easiest/quickest access to pornography.
3. It has helped with my wife because she has line of sight to my activity online through my android and windows devices. I have recommended this to many men beginning a recovery process from pornography as a way to demonstrate good faith and start building trust again.”
– Robert

“I have struggled with pornography most of my life. I have tried several different remedies but Ever Accountable is the first product or service that has made a real difference. Knowing that my accountability partner (my wife) will receive a report of my online activity removes nearly all temptation. It has made a tremendous difference in our relationship.”
– Asked to remain anonymous

I actually haven’t been having thoughts about pornography. I have no interest in that behavior anymore. I am happy to say that I like having the app on my phone for accountability.
The biggest benefit of having this is the reports. It shows that I can be trusted once again. That’s very important to me. My family means everything to me. I have broken trust and am slowing earning it back.”
– Asked to remain anonymous

“Well the app is amazing! It is definitely helping me stay away from pornography. The sense that my close friends will find out exactly what I’m looking at helps me steer away from anything I wouldn’t want them to see. The embarrassment is too great for me to bare.
Without pornography ravaging my nights, I get a lot more sleep. I am no longer oversleeping for work, no longer tired, and I can talk to woman less like sexual objects and more like genuine people who I actually care about. My thoughts and motives are much more Christ-based since they aren’t filled with fleshly desires. I am ultimately happier with life. I’m no longer paranoid about friends and family finding out about what I may have done the night before. I coach high school and middle school wrestling and when I encounter kids who may be starting out in the pit of false pleasure, I can help them and guide them away from it easier and better knowing I’m not indulging in it too. The struggle and temptation is there but the app helps to avoid it and I’m very grateful for it.
I can look at close friends and family in the eyes and say I’m not lying when I say I’m tired. I don’t call off gatherings and hanging out with friends for porn anymore. I feel like a better role model for the kids I coach and for my younger brother and sister. My friends who receive the weekly reports know where I am in life and we have grown closer to each other because help each other in these areas. Like my dad once told me “The coffin is lighter when more hands are on it”. Friends help you deal with hardship and this is the best way for my friends to help me in my biggest struggle. “
– Omar

It has been a little easier knowing that people have access to my web activity. It certainly makes it a lot more difficult to find pornography. This is a huge step in the right direction for me.
There hasn’t been any major impact in my personal life. If anything, I’m a lot less stressed now. 🙂

My relationships are becoming more honest. I find that having this software not only makes me more honest to the people on my email list, but it also makes me more honest to myself.
Thanks for checking in. I really appreciate that you have made this such a personal experience!”
– Nick

“This app has been a helpful tool. I see it as a tourniquet to a larger bleed, this helps stop the gushing of the wound so that God and I can go into the heart and heal what is really the matter. This app alone is not the fix at all but combined with lots of healing in your heart it can be an effective combo. 

Porn is not the big issue in anyone’s life, its the lies that they believe of themselves or of Papa, the vows or agreements, the generational curses, and lots of unforgiveness… Porn is the erupting volcano and men just want to get rid of that but Papa wants to take you down to where the magma is slipping through the plates and seal that up (heal where your heart was wounded).
Thanks for the tool from a man still digging with Holy Spirit to reach the breach and seal it,”
– Brent

Hello. Yes it had been, because your program reports everything. I don’t even hardly need a filter on my phone because i know anything i look at will show up. It’s the best accountability report app i’ve tried and I will be  keeping  it. Thanks”
– Cliff

“In response to your 3 questions.
Yes, it has been easier to stay away from pornography mainly because during the day at work is when the temptation hits me most but with Ever accountable up on my phone it’s just not an option so I find myself not tempted nearly as much.
On my personal life, yes I feel a weight lifted like I’m not fighting it alone. Praise The Lord!
As far as relationships go, yes, there is now NOTHING I can hide from my wife which just allows our marriage to stay strong and my wife can now begin building trust in me again. Once again I give God the glory but thank you for helping me along! God bless you and the Ever accountable team. “
– Winston

“Ever Accountable has been a God sent for me. I actually have had it on my device for over a year and have not once been tempted to look at anything inappropriate on my phone. I am appreciative of the details given on each weekly report, accountability is so important. Keep up the good work sir!!!
God bless”
– Jeremiah

“Yes, avoiding pornography is easier with Ever Accountable.  I love because the app monitors everything and provide a summary email to my accountability partner.  It is a phenomenal tool that I recommend to everyone.
I also have it installed on my son’s phone and glad for the monitoring it provides for him.”
– Mark

NOTE: This response was not a result of that survey we did. She reached out to us, and we wanted to still include it here.

“I just wanted to drop you guys a note. 

I’m “the wife.” I’m not sure how many of us you’ve heard from, but I want to tell you how grateful I am for your software. 

My husband’s secret came out at the worst possible time in our lives, and I wasn’t sure we would make it through because of how impossible it was for me to put that one step forward to fully trust him. 

How could I trust him without proof? Ever Accountable became my proof. Filters don’t work, and there’s always that awful Incognito Window. 

My husband was so ready to get out of it. He wanted help, too, but didn’t know how to do it. Ever Accountable has kept him away from pornography for several months now, and as he puts it, the desire to look at pornography is gone. 

He has become a changed person. I can see and witness the physical change in him — the light in his eyes and in his countenance — and the change that has come over our whole family because of it. I finally have the guy I knew was in there somewhere… Thank you!! 

You have changed our lives. Now we can start living our lives the way God intended without having the weight of the Pornography Anchor attached to our home. 

Even though he did it in secret, it affected each of our lives so much. My 6 kids needed a dad. 🙂 🙂 :)”
– Asked to remain anonymous

“I just wanted to say a massive thank you for your accountability software. I have an accountability partner that I added on, but I continued to use a very immoral app on my phone. I believed that I could lie about it, thinking the software only gave the name of the app.

To my horror and shame, my deepest secret was exposed through your app because it had recorded conversations I had been having through this app. There was not getting out of this, or away from it. Ironically, the exposure brought me great comfort, and I was able to feel secure and protected, but not only that, realize that my relationship with God has improved remarkably.
Thank you.”
– Quintin