Posted by Ever Accountable Team | Updates
Reading Time: < 1 minuteWe are happy to announce that Ever Accountable now fully supports Chrome, YouTube, and Facebook! We even share reports that include the incognito mode of Chrome.Ever Accountable accomplishes this by plugging into the device's accessibility mode. Accessibility was designed to help vision-impaired people by reading the contents of the screen out loud. Ever Accountable doesn't read anything out loud, but instead uses accessibility to gain access to the contents of the screen. In this way we can share many things that were previously inaccessible.Accessibility must be enabled by the owner of the phone or tablet. It is easy to do and instructions are given inside Ever Accountable. Accessibility is not currently required. When accessibility is not turned on, Ever Accountable will continue to work the way it always has. It will still share websites in Dolphin browser. It will warn your accountability partners if Chrome, YouTube, or Facebook is used, but it will not report time spent in those apps. Accountability partners will be informed whenever accessibility is turned off.Accountability sharing for Chrome, YouTube, and Facebook are available now for Google phones and tablets. We don't have support for accessibility on Amazon's Kindle devices, but we are looking into adding support.We hope that this update will empower people to better hold themselves accountable for their actions. We believe that everyone can live a life of happiness and honesty!