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Our Response to Covid 19

A wise man said that every crisis contains both danger and opportunity. This certainly qualifies. Sexual addictions thrive off of isolation, depression, fear, and idleness – precisely what hundreds of millions of people are dealing with as they self-quarantine. Pornography is ever available and ready to poison us in our weakest moments.On the upside, we hope and believe that the wise man was right - that in spite of the danger there is also an opportunity for every single one of us in this crisis. Rekindle your most important relationships, get in shape, or take an online course so you'll hit the ground running when this crisis passes. And it will pass.If you are one of the millions impacted financially by this, reach out to us and we'll work with you. We appreciate you like crazy and want to help in any way we can! This applies to ALL of our customers, new or old.To request a discount or free time due to the Covid-19 outbreak, please submit a ticket to our support by clicking the button below, and we will help you get or remain accountable.Message the Support TeamIf you're at all worried that you or someone you love could get sucked into pornography during quarantine, please sign up. Let's make the most of this!- The Ever Accountable Team