15 Mar
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Porn and Sexual Violence: A Relationship With Consequences

Posted by Julia Daniels | For Men, For Women, Pornography Facts, Prevention

(Please note that this article could be triggering to those recovering from pornography. However, for the sake of domestic violence and sexual abuse victims, we…

16 Jan
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Do Women Watch Porn — And Other Questions Women Secretly Ask

Posted by Julia Daniels | For Families, For Women, How to, Pornography Facts

Do women watch porn? That's a fair question.  According to, Reddit NoFap data, and plenty of other sources  -- yes, they do. A common complaint…

27 Dec
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Porn Stats: Surprising Facts You Should Know

Posted by Julia Daniels | For Men, For Women, Pornography Facts

We've rounded up, as much as possible, an extensive list of up-to-date 2023 statistics on pornography. However, we tried to be careful to avoid terms…

18 Dec
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Child Pornography vs. Child Sexual Abuse Material: What’s In A Name and Why It Matters

Posted by Julia Daniels | Pornography Facts, Prevention

Kids and porn. Those two words shouldn’t even ever belong in the same sentence.  However, pornography consumption spreads across the globe like a tidal wave.…

10 Oct
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The Link Between Gaming and Porn Use

Posted by Ever Accountable Team | For Families, How to, Pornography Facts, Prevention

It's unlikely that playing the 1980s game of Pac-Man will entice or encourage porn use or introduce suggestive imagery to the unsuspecting. But that can’t…


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